Extendet Abstract for World Congress of IUVA and IOA in Las Vegas online

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Roberta Hofman-Caris, researcher at KWR and involved in the DEMEAU Work Area on Advanced Oxidation Techniques, will give a presentation at the World Congress of the International Ultraviolet Association and the International Ozone Assiciation in Las Vegas, United States. It takes place on September 24th on 10:30 within session 17 ‐ AOP Methods in Drinking Water. The presentation deals with the formation of possibly (genotoxic) by-products in UV and UV/H2O2 processes. Find the extended abstract here.

Previous results showed that under certain circumstances genotoxic byproducts may be formed when UV or UV/H2O2 processes are applied. Therefore we checked several full scale UV-disinfection processes. At normal disinfection UV-doses, no response in the Ames fluctuation test, a biological test to assess the mutagenic potential of chemicals, could be observed. However when increasing the UV-dose, the response in the Ames test also increased. The researchers also checked how the change in certain parameters influenced this response.

See the conferece website here.

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