KWB – Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin

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Institution Description: 

The Berlin Centre of Competence for Water (Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin gGmbH, KWB) is an international, non-profit private research center on urban water systems. The shareholders are the world-leading company for water supply and sanitation, Veolia Water, the largest German water utility Berlinwasser, and the Senate of Berlin. The main mission consists of the planning and execution of R&D projects and the dissemination of project results, along with the organization of conventions and symposia. KWB has a staff of about 30 full-time employees active in projects mainly related to water resource management and innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies, often with focus on trace organic substances (e.g. NASRI, OXIRED, IC-Pharma).

Involvement in DEMEAU: 

KWB acts as work area leader of WA 1 (Managed Aquifer Recharge), due to its long-term theoretical and practical experience in this topic. Other major tasks will be scientific work on life cycle assessment and the leadership of Work Package 5.1. Further activities are planned within WA6 to coordinate and support workshops for the interaction between end-users, researchers, and authorities/ policy makers.