Bioassays (BA)

Recent technological developments have provided powerful quantitative in vitro bioassays to effectively measure a wide range of major classes of toxicants in  water (i.e. acutely toxic compounds, endocrine disrupting substances and genotoxic agents). As the possibilities of these methods are rapidly expanding, they are providing comprehensive monitoring systems for a wide range of toxicities at higher throughput and reduced costs, without the use of experimental animals. A prominent example of integrated analytical monitoring tools is the set of biological assays developed by TECHNEAU for monitoring endocrine disrupting substances in water. DEMEAU will further optimize and demonstrate these in vitro bioassays, including novel assays for detecting genotoxicity.

An important barrier to the implementation of these technologies as routine screening tools is the relatively slow pace of regulatory acceptance. To increase regualtory acceptance, consensus building and standardization are important to draw generic international (ISO) or European (CEN) guidelines involving all key actors. Advanced technologies with societal and political pressure will be used to spearhead this implementation, with a particular focus on screening technologies for endocrine disrupting substances and emerging pollutants.


In June, the DEMEAU project will hold its series of final dissemination events. To tailor the final events to the diverse stakeholders and interest groups of the project, the events will be held...


Is your drinking water clean? Is it safe to drink? The animation illustrates what emerging pollutants are, how they enter water sources and what role individuals can take in improving the quality...


DEMEAU released the first of its series of informational technology brochures.


24 to 26 June, 2015
Brussels, Belgium

DEMEAU will be presented by Theo van den Hoven at this year's WssTP Water Innovation Europe conference. On June 24, he will give a brief overview of the project, the technologies and the Unique... more

17 to 18 June, 2015
Neugut, Dübendorf, Switzerland

DEMEAU held the first in its three part series of final events in Zurich, Switzerland on June 17-18, 2015. Hosted on the premises of Eawag just outside of Zurich in Dübendorf, attendees engaged in... more

on 29/01/2015
Paris, France

The EU-funded project DEMEAU: Demonstration of promising technologies to address emerging pollutants in water and waste water held the third of its series of Utility Events in Paris,... more

19 to 20 May, 2014
KWR premises, Niewegein, the Netherlands

The second annual Project Steering Board meeting of the FP7 project DEMEAU took place on May 19th and 20th at the premises of KWR Watercycle Research Institute in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands.... more

14 to 15 November, 2013
Barcelona, Spain

The Catalan Water Partnership aims to enhance the strategical reflexion with all stakeholders in the water sector in Catalunya and wants to foster the further internationalisation and innovation... more

7 to 8 November, 2013
Istanbul, Turkey

The conference is organised by BDS, one of the DEMEAU partners. A poster on the project will be presented.
Check the link below to find more information and the programme of the event:
... more

19 to 20 June, 2013
ETH Zurich & Eawag

Several DEMEAU partners attended the Micropol &... more

8 to 9 November, 2012
Dunea; Den Haag, The Netherlands

The EU funded project DEMEAU kicked off on 8 and 9 November at Dunea, the water utility of The Hague and its surrounding area. The event marks the beginning of a three-year demonstration of... more