Presenting: Technology Brochure on Bioassays

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DEMEAU released the first of its series of informational technology brochures. A collaborative effort among several project partners, including, Ecologic Institute, BioDetection System (BDS), Veolia Recherche & Innovation (VERI), Eawag and KWR Watercycle Research Institute, the technology brochure aims to close the communication gap between scientists and end users. The brochure offers an accessible guide that summarizes and presents key findings on the latest research from the project’s work on bioassays.

Drawing upon results from the lab as well as findings from DEMEAU demonstration sites across Europe, the technology brochure synthesises key information regarding the practical application and implementation of bioassays for end users. “Bioassays present an entirely new approach to water quality monitoring,” said Dr. Eszter Simon (BDS), one of the authors of the brochure, “because the focus is on testing the effects of pollutants found in water sources, rather than mining for known toxic micropollutants via targeted chemical analyses. This approach is especially useful for prescreening for both known and unknown pollutants that exert toxic effects in our waters.” 

In addition to more general information of the status of the new technology, the technology brochure also showcases case studies that examine the added value of bioassays in water quality monitoring in real time. To read more download the brochure below. 

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