Upcoming Final Dissemination Events for June

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In June, the DEMEAU project will hold its series of final dissemination events. To tailor the final events to the diverse stakeholders and interest groups of the project, the events will be held in a two part series. The first part, held in Zurich, Switzerland on June 17th and 18th, will be a Final Consortium Meeting and Utility Event. The second part, held at the annual WSsTP Conference in Brussels, Belgium, on June 24-26th will serve as a Final Policy Event. Agendas are forthcoming.

Final Consortium Meeting with Utility Event (Switzerland)

Date: 17th and 18th June, 2015

Location: EAWAG, Überlandstrasse 133, 8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland

At the final Consortium Meeting, the project consortium will present the final results. This meeting is open to the public.

The format of the first day of the event will be a mixture of oral presentations by consortium members and a moderated discussion in working groups. During the discussions in working groups, the contributions of the project to European Commission’s working plan will be assessed. The assessment results will be presented to the audience including policy makers on the WSsTP conference. In addition, the Work Area presentations will be recorded and displayed at the DEMEAU booth at the WSSTP conference later in the month.

On the second day, as part of the Utility Event, there will be a visit to the full scale ozonation plants at Zurich Waterworks and at the waste water treatment plant in Neugut. There, attendants will have the opportunity to see innovative applications of the results presented in the morning in action.

To register, visit http://registration.ecologic-events.eu/final-demeau-consortium-meeting

Final Policy Event at WSsTP (Brussels, Belgium)

Date: 24th-26th June, 2015

Location: DIAMANT Conference & Business Centre, Diamant Building, 80 Bd. A. Reyers LN, 1030

The Final Policy Event will be held in conjunction with the annual WSsTP Water Innovation Europe conference. The event will be a one hour presentation of the project to an audience of European Commission policy makers, other project consortia and coordinators as well as practitioners of the European water sector. The event will contain a brief overview of the project, the technologies and the Unique Selling Propositions of the technologies, and the result of the LCC and LCA analyses. Furthermore some of the SMEs involved in the project will explain how the cooperation with the DEMEAU project supported technology implementation and development.

For more information on the WSsTP conference, visit http://wsstp.eu/?post_type=event&p=7372

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