Effects of UV/H2O2 process conditions on Ames fluctuation assay response

Extended abstract for the World Congress of the International UV Association on September 22-26 in Las Vegas, USA. The abstract was prepared by C.H.M. Hofman-Caris, D.J.H. Harmsen, B.A. Wols, E.F. Beerendonk, L.M. Puijker, L.L.M. Keltjens. C.H.M. Hofman-Caris presented the results at the conference.

Date of delivery: 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Document type: 

  • Scientific paper

Technology Group: 

  • HAO

Target group: 

  • Science

Work Package: 

  • WP3.1

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Presented at: 

IUVA World Congress 2013, Las Vegas