D41.1 Selection criteria to select bioassays for implementation and use

Following intensive discussions we have established a number of selection criteria to determine whether a bioassay is applicable for the assessment of the chemical water quality. A range of projects have already focused on the - largely overlapping – assay characteristics and selection criteria for bioassays to be used in environmental monitoring (Leusch et al. 2012; OECD 2012; Agency et al. 2012). Following this and our own experience on essential elements needed for successful biomonitoring, a range of criteria were described that are considered to be of high importance when selecting bioassays for water quality monitoring (Deliverable 4.1 report). A segregation was made between “applicability” and “performance” of the assays, since end-users may assign a different weight to these individual primary criteria. Since “ease of use” is considered as a key-criterion of applicability and it is further divided in 6 sub-criteria which are individually scored. All criteria were scored for each assay and the scores of both sets of criteria are added separately to obtain an impression of the assay applicability and assay performance. It should be noted that this scoring is quite arbitrary and for certain applications weights may be altered. These elements were discussed and considered as well.


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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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