CETaqua (Water Technology Center)

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Institution Description: 

CETaqua is a non-profit foundation located in Barcelona that integrates research, technological development, and innovation projects on the water cycle. CETaqua was created by three founding partners: Spain’s biggest water utility, Aguas de Barcelona (Agbar Group); Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), and Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). CETaqua benefits from this synergy, which enables the centre to be aware of the sector’s current and future needs and to effectively transfer and apply the results of its research. CETaqua's Alternative Water Resources Programme develops new methodologies to integrate alternative resources into water management practices. To this end, CETaqua is currently involved in several projects aiming at promoting managed aquifer recharge (MAR), e.g. Life+ENSAT.

Involvement in DEMEAU: 

CETaqua will contribute to WP 1.1 by providing information on the design and operation of MAR sites in Spain to create an integrated European catalogue. Within WP 1.4, CETaqua will perform column experiments investigating emerging pollutants’ behavior under different operation conditions (representing a broad range of European field conditions). These results will be included in the final toolbox to be applied in new potential MAR sites (e.g. in Castellon, Spain).