HYDOR Consult GmbH

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Institution Description: 

HYDOR provides services in hydro-geological planning and consulting for problems relating to water management. The company staff has profound and longtime experiences in the fields of regional hydro-geology and water management in Berlin, Brandenburg, and northern Germany.

Our services mainly consist of giving independent, application-specific engineering advice and creating professional reports. We also manage projects that involve planning and implementation of geotechnical field work, including e.g. the set-up of ground-water measuring points. Our products feature comprehensive and competent research knowledge, according to the motto: "You have the data – we make the relevant information out of it."

In recent years, a large part of our work has been related to the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive in Germany and the new Groundwater-Protection Directive, which has been in effect since 2007. Our goal is to establish the basic knowledge necessary for achieving a good status of ground waters and surface waters in Germany. Moreover, the question of how future climate change may affect hydrological processes has become an increasingly important focus. Here, our expertise addresses the practical and regional application of scientific principles.

Our competences are mainly requested by clients from federal and state public authorities. We cooperate in research projects with universities and other research institutions, like the Forschungszentrum Jülich.

Involvement in DEMEAU: 

Within DEMEAU, Hydor focuses on:

  • Catalogue of “European MAR sites and performance data”: Development of a database concept (MS-ACCESS) including  e.g. the general frame, design, operation, and other key parameters regarding water quality and impact.
  • Development of different approaches to assess the impact of MAR on groundwater resources from existing data.
  • Definition of hydrological and hydrogeological prerequisites and design criteria.