WP1.2 Development of a European approach for MAR authorization

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The objectives of this work package are:

  • To develop European approaches for MAR authorization with a special focus on emerging pollutants and evaluation of its impact at existing sites
  • To develop a tool box to support operators and authorities in creating an adapted approach and operation for new MAR systems that will comply with the European Water Directives while minimizing energy consumption and costs

The following tasks (with deliverables and milestones) are planned:

T1.2.1: Development of different approaches for assessing long-term impact of MAR systems onto groundwater resources

Key parameters that characterize MAR systems dealing with treated waste water and storm-water will be defined from literature and operational data. Also, the different approaches to assess the impact of MAR on groundwater resources will be developed and presented in decision trees, which will be delivered in June 2013.

T1.2.2: Definition of hydrological and hydrogeological pre-requisites and design criteria (including pre-treatment)

Pre-requisites and design criteria for new MAR systems in Europe will be defined, taking into account removal during infiltration and groundwater flow, as well as different functions of groundwater systems. This includes the definition of standard scenarios and the development of multi-criteria matrices for decision support. They will be completed in August 2015.

T1.2.3: Tool-box for deriving optimum design & operation

A tool-box will be developed for theoretical considerations, laboratory tests, bioassays, data mining, field investigation and medling, which can be used to assess the compliance of MAR sites with the EC Grounwater Directive. A column test for fate studies of of indicator micropollutants and test applications are conducted.

To download the deliverables that are already completed, please see the results section.

Work Package: