WP2.4 Process monitoring with Laser-Induced Breakdown Detection (LIBD)

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The objectives of this work package are:

  • To demonstrate the nanoparticles analyser based on laser-induced breakdown detection to determine nanoparticle removal and on-line integrity of membranes

The following tasks (with deliverables and milestones) are planned:

T24.1: Qualification of the LIBD prototype and test protocol for on-line measurement of the integrity of membranes

Nanoparticles of different sizes and materials will be spiked in synthetic and pretreated water solutions and filtered through membranes. To compare the results and evaluate the ultimate performances of the LIBD prototype, measurement and methods of integrity control for the lab-scale devices wlil be carried out. A report of these results is expected to be ready in December 2014.

A standardized test protocol for pilot-scale trials will be defined, based on lab-scale results, defined in terms of mobility, online characterization, the conditions of use, ergonomics and functionalities, and the level of performances required for the mobile LIBD system.

T24.2: Field demonstration and complete specifications of a LIBD system to monitor online industrial membrane performances

The LIBD system will be transferred to a large scale UF pilot reflecting industrial conditions and measurements will also be made under field conditions. This demonstration will start in April 2014. Statistical sets of measurements will be carried out, following the procedure described in the test protocol. Finally, optimization axes of the LIBD system will be reported along with specifications of an industrial LIBD system. Complete specifications for LIBD systems for online monitoring and membrane integrity will be shown in August 2015.


To download the deliverables that are already completed, please see the results section.

Work Package: