WP4.2 Implementation of bioassays for water quality assessment

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The objectives of this work package are:

  • To implement the selected and validated rapid toxicity screening panel at dedicated laboratories and the water utilities
  • To apply bioassays at demonstration studies, including performance and toxicity testing of water treatment processes at selected water utilities

The following tasks (with deliverables and milestones) are planned:

T4.2.1: Regulatory acceptance

Confidence building and acceptance of the new screening system will be promoted via technical validations with the project. Regulatory acceptance via relevant regulatory bodies and international organisations of water professionals and accreditation following current legislation will be promoted, and future directions and modifications will be accounted for. A position paper on how bioassay-derived data can be applied for water quality assessment will come out in August 2013.

T4.2.2: Testing framework

A decision scheme for logical follow-up steps will be developed to determine whether or not bioassays guideline levels are exceeded. The interfacing of bioassay measurements with chemical-analytical identification tools, such as effect-directed analysis, will be pursued for source identification and risk management.

T4.2.3: Introduction at labs and water utilities

A complete and cost-effective package of tools will be designed and implemented in selected testing labs, building on the experience of inter-laboratory prevalidation of the partners and BDS’ global expertise in the introduction of bioanalytical tools (ISO17025 certified).

T4.2.4: Demonstration

Demonstration studies that show the applicability of the screening bioassay panel for testing of the performance of novel water treatment processes at selected water utilities will be made. Technologies investigated in other work packages will be integrated and benchmarked in these demonstration studies.


To download the deliverables that are already completed, please see the results section.

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