Welcome to the DEMEAU tool box for Managed Aquifer Recharge.

This tool box is an information platform for Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) and contains theoretical considerations, guidelines for laboratory tests and field investigations, information of MAR case studies, and recommendations for a wide range of various aspects of MAR. The following information can be found:

  1. What is Managed Aquifer Recharge?

The basic concepts of MAR are introduced here, describing the various MAR techniques by:

  2. Managed Aquifer Recharge in Europe

MAR techniques are widely applied in Europe. In this context, the DEMEAU project developed an:

 3. Feasibility and assessment studies are necessary to evaluate potential impacts from an environmental and human health perspective and to ensure proper MAR system performance adapted to local conditions. This tool box column gives information for (pre-)feasibility and assessment studies including:  

 4. Profiling of MAR sites aims at summarizing essential site specific information to characterise MAR profiles.  The MAR profile allows displaying main features of sites at a glance and is shown here for the DEMEAU sites

(5) Glossary of MAR terms