D32.1 Compilation of kinetics and mechanisms for the transformation of organic substances

This  deliverable  aims  at  presenting the  reactivity  of  selected  compounds  towards  the oxidative  treatments   investigated  in  Work  Area  3, i.e. ozonation  and  UV  photolysis. Therefore, mechanisms  of  oxidation  by  molecular  ozone  and  hydroxyl  radicals  on  reactive  moieties  are  first described for a better understanding of oxidants reactivity. Since the reactivity of compounds is finally quantified with kinetic laws and kinetic rate constants, protocols for the determination of reaction rate constants (k-values) are here described and discussed. Based on literature data or recent lab studies, k-values of selected compounds are also compiled in this manuscript. These values are particularly useful since they can be implemented  for  prediction  of  their  elimination during  oxidative  water  treatment based on models presented here.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

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  • Report

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  • HAO

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  • WP3.2

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