Project deliverable

D52.2 Recommendations for impact

Based on the results from the environmental LCA, the economic LCC, the enabling and constraining factors for a successful technology implementation and Unique Selling Propositions, recommendations for the actual implementation of the technologies studied in WA1-4 were developed. This goal builds upon a synthesis of the efforts from the other work packages in WA5 and is tightly linked to the WA1-4 of the DEMEAU project through case studies. Therefore, clear responsibilities within WA5 for the coordination with other work areas had been established from the onset of the DEMEAU project.

D51.2 Final guidelines for sustainability assessment of water technologies

Nine micropollutant substances have been identified as high priority substances to be reported in all case studies based on their environmental relevance, coverage of chemical and physical properties, elimination rates by various technologies and existence of an analytical method to identify them. Characterization factors for the toxicity model USEtox® have been developed for all these substances based on the EPISuite v4.1 software for physico-chemical properties, data from project partners (EAWAG) for aquatic toxicity properties and a literature review for human toxic properties.


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