Pharmaceuticals in Wastewaters and Surface Waters Under Multistressors Situation: Fate, Adverse Effects, Risks and Removal Technologies

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2 December, 2014 to 3 December, 2014
Barcelona, Spain

The three EU projects funded under the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme, Globaqua, Cytothreat & Endetech, together with SCARCE from the Consolider Programme (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness), organised a workshop in which pharmaceuticals were regarded from a multidisciplinary perspective. During talks, posters and discussions, experts from different fields had the opportunity for exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences from their respective fields. Marta Hernandez (cetaqua) presented a poster on WA1 results on Managed Aquifer Recharge. 

The Workshop covered the problems associated with the occurrence, treatment and risk of pharmaceuticals and consisted of four sessions:

  1. Analysis of pharmaceuticals in waste waters and hospital effluents,
  2. Fate and behavior of pharmaceuticals in Waste Water Treatment Plants and River water,
  3. Remediation Technologies, and
  4. Risk assessment.


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CETaqua (Water Technology Center)

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