Presenting: Technology Brochure on ANCS

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DEMEAU released the third of its series of informational technology brochures. A collaborative effort among project several partners including, Ecologic Institute, aquatune, IWW and WAG, the technology brochure aims to close the communication gap between scientists and end users regarding emerging information on Automatic Neural Net Control Systems (ANCS). The brochure offers an accessible guide that summarizes and presents key findings on the latest research from the project’s work on ANCS.

Drawing upon results from the first DEMEAU demonstration application of ANCS at a drinking water plant, the Wassergewinnungs-und aufbereitungsgesellschaft Nordeifel mbH (WAG) in Roetgen, as well as experiences of applications for waste water treatment systemes, the technology brochure synthesises key information regarding the practical application and implementation of ANCS for end users. Based on Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), a technology based on observations of the human brain that has become increasingly important in the operation of drinking water plants or waste water treatment facilities, the brochure touches on the potential for ANCS to make a significant contribution to energy and economic optimization of operating water treatment plants.

In addition to more general information of the status of the new technology, the technology brochure also showcases case studies that examine the added value of ANCS in water quality monitoring in real time at its demonstration sites. To read more download the brochure below in English and in German.


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