WP1.1 Demonstration of MAR benefits and environmental impacts related to emerging pollutants in Europe

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The objectives of this work package are:

  • To demonstrate the effects of typical existing European MAR systems onto groundwater availability and groundwater quality with specific focus on trace organics
  • To showcase different approaches to optimizing the design and operation of MAR sites

The following tasks (with deliverables and milestones) are planned:

T1.1.1 Catalogue “European MAR sites and performance data”

A database gathering information on European MAR sites from publically available sources, previous EU and national research projects and operation data from involved end-users will be created. The database, including a classification system for the MAR sites in Europe, will be presented in a catalogue, which is expected in February 2013.

T1.1.2: Demonstration of quantitative and qualitative long-term effects on groundwater resources for selected case studies

The qualitative and quantitative effects of MAR on groundwater resources will be demonstrated through the comparison of data from the infiltrated water with baseline data and of the different MAR approaches, with respect to the compliance with the initial target. The findings and lessons learned will be presented in form of recommendations, to be completed in August 2015.

T11.3: Test-wise application of proposed toolbox for optimizing design & operation (including pre-treatment) at new sites

The toolbox developed in task 1.2.4 will be applied at new sites in the Netherlands (for drinking water production), Hamburg ( grey-water re-use) and Berlin (pilot for using treated waste-water for the support of wetlands).

To download the deliverables that are already completed, please see the results section.

Work Package: