Catalogue of 286 Managed Aquifer Recharge Sites in Europe

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Experts working on Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) as part of the DEMEAU project compiled a catalogue of 286 MAR-sites in Europe. The data will be included in an existing online data portal and serves as a basis for further risk assessment and recommendations concerning the authorization of European MAR sties in line with EU legislation.

DEMEAU project partners from Germany, the Netherlands and Spain developed the Catalogue of 286 European MAR sites, integrating data and information available online. The aim of the Catalogue is to compile existing information in a coherent and comparable database and to highlight MAR as a widespread technology across Europe.

A maximum number of 44 parameters was included per site and the locations are spread throughout Europe. The database in its final version will be transferred to the IGRAC (International Groundwater Resources Assessment Center) in Delft for inclusion in their web-based MAR information service.

Based on an in-depth statistical analysis DEMEAU will classify MAR sites in Europe and carry out a detailed risk assessment of selected sites based on criteria for planning and operating MAR schemes and with a special focus on emerging pollutants in the next steps phase of the project. In addition, an overview of current worldwide regulations for MAR authorization  and a decision tree for assessing emerging substance removal is currently underway, focusing on key parameters such as the sorption capacity of the sediment, temperature and other site-specific parameters.

The ongoing work will allow drawing recommendations for the authorization of European MAR sites in line with the current environmental EU legislation such as the Water Framework Directive and the Groundwater Directive.

You can download the documentation here.

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